Health and wellness

free bicycle rental at the hotel. The Termini Hotel in Jesolo has comfortable bicycles.


The bicycle is the ideal way to visit Jesolo along the cycle paths that the city offers. We provide comfortable city bikes for free and for any eventuality we have an agreement with the shop-workshop "Cicli Sperandio" which offers a wide range of accessories and highly qualified technical assistance.


About 2 km from the hotel, easily accessible on foot or by bicycle, you will find the professional gym "New Body center".
Here the latest Tecnogym equipment will allow you to maintain and improve your body fitness..

Il ristorante il gatto che ride, è partner dell'hotel. Sconto del 10% su tutte le consumazioni.


The restaurant “Il Gatto che Ride”, a few steps from the hotels, offers fish and traditional Venetian cuisine! Our guests are granted a 10% discount.
An opportunity not to be missed to taste the local products and try a healthy cuisine where the protagonists are quality ingredients.

nordic walking hotel in jesolo. Nordic walking by the sea.


In the Hotel you will find the maps of the routes and Nordic Walking poles are available for free. Immerse yourself in nature and improve your physical well-being along the sea, the Venice lagoon, the Sile and Piave rivers or by immersing yourself in the countryside around Jesolo! You will reduce stress and delay aging, improve posture and spinal mobilization

The Semiautomatic External Defibrillator (DEA) is available at the Termini beach in Jesolo.


The Semiautomatic External Defibrillator (DEA) is available in the hotel, an important first aid tool that can be used by staff members with a certificate of qualification for its use. In this way, we want to offer additional tranquillity during the stay of our guests: because its safety (the safety of our hotel) is also part of the experience that we strive to make unforgettable every day

charging station for electric cars in jesolo.


If you have planned your trip with the zero emission electric car you are in the right place! The charging station for electric vehicles in the hotel is an added value for eco-friendly hospitality but also an indispensable service for those who want to travel without polluting. It means choosing a lifestyle where comfort and environment coexist in an increasingly indispensable combination on vacation!

hotel che rispetta l'ambiente a Jesolo. OUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT


For over 30 years, we have been nurturing a deep love for the beautiful and delicate marine ecosystem around us, and this means that we also pay attention to the environmental impact of our activities.
Over time, this attention has expanded to include not only our everyday practices but also those of our guests, with a focus on the following:

  • Separate rubbish collection: we implement and promote the separation of rubbish to encourage recycling, helping to make disposal and reuse safer and more convenient and preventing dumping.
  • Avoiding wastefulness: we encourage our staff and guests to be mindful of wastage as this is a fundamental part of being ethical and sustainable.
  • Reducing consumption we are digitising our work processes to reduce our consumption of resources; for example, we have reduced paper use by introducing the online self-check-in service for guests.
  • Saving energywe have installed energy-saving light bulbs and photocells to regulate the use of lights in common areas and workspaces, as well as a building automation system to optimise air conditioning. We have also achieved savings by introducing latest-generation appliances aimed at reducing energy consumption
  • Saving waterwe are saving water by making users more aware of their water use, installing water flow restrictors and encouraging staff and guests to be mindful of the waste generated by washing room linens
  • Choosing certified and high-quality products:we give local or Italian products preference.
  • Encouraging sustainable mobility:we promote free cycle hire to explore the natural environment around us as well as to reach the different points along Jesolo’s coastline, we make detailed information available about the public transport network and we encourage the use of electric cars by making it possible to recharge them using the charging station installed at the hotel.
  • Preferential use of renewable energy:we choose electricity suppliers that use renewable energy quotas.
  • Promoting outdoor activities, sport and cultural activities.